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Standing in front of a wall of certifications is Matt Bedinghaus, the founder, CEO, & Chief Engineer at A2V Partners electrical engineers
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Matt Bedinghaus

After nearly 40 years in business, I now mentor others as a business consultant. I am a certified Great Game of Business® coach, and I would love to help you implement the Great Game of Business® methods in your company. I also offer fractional CEO, CFO, and COO services, as well as business strategy consulting on a contract basis.

A business coach with real-world experience

About Me

I’ve enjoyed nearly four decades as an electrical engineer. Climbing the corporate ladder within the utility industry, I experienced all the ups and downs of mergers and corporate restructuring.

But in 2010, I started my own business. At A2V Partners LLC, I grew a team of talented professionals who helped cities and hospitals deliver critical power systems that served hundreds of thousands of people.

I used The Great Game of Business in my own company to gain stability and success. Now I want to help others build strong businesses as a GGOB coach. It’s so satisfying to see a business owner realize that their new financial model is going to work. Everyone on their team is working toward a common goal. Even the employees realize how they contribute to building a better company.

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